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heldinhishands asked
single words: breathe, distress, seek, sabotage, hands


The air surrounds
Cold and dry
Lungs full
Held for a few


Cracks appear
Smile turns to grimace
Darkness shapes
Sullen figure
Of fear


Answers hidden
From top corner
To bottom rung
Not here
Unknown force
Still no light


This was not the plan
Events unfold
Disaster intended
Marked words unfurled
Growing darker
Growing tighter


Gripping neck
Pushing down
The end is soon
Calmness follows
A virtue

heldinhishands asked
write a poem based off your favorite lyric

My favourite lyric:

"The fiction will see the real, the answer will question still"

As the pen scratches paper
The writer can’t help
But realise the life
He is creating
Is mirroring the story
He plays out away from paper
And yet with his mind
His hive of creativity
He cannot find the answers
He cannot solve
What his life throws at him

Words bleed to page
And lives form to pieces
Characters only he knows
But people
Subjects of his mind
Page falls to it’s end

Thanks for all the prompts heldinhishands! I’ll get round to them tomorrow at some point, but for now I must sleep!

Prompt me?

Can I get some prompts? Taking a break from screenplay writing and I’d like to flex my creativity a bit. Anything is cool, just message me with something and I’ll get something out as soon as I can :) thanks!

Freight Train

Though darkness shrouds the fields
And all is still in the air
The world never stops
Wheels keep on turning
Though it trundles somewhat slowly
The freight train stirs the night
Clunky and intrusive
Stealth not on it’s agenda
But that matters little
As freight needs to be delivered
At silly o’clock
And silence needs to be breached
At silly o’clock
At least they don’t sound the horn
Like the trains in the day



I’m back home early so I thought I’d post my prompt now.

on railway tracks, in the moonlight.

Tag #lydiaprompt please so I can see and reblog them. As usual write whatever comes to mind. Thank you :)

I’ve missed reading these so I’d really love to see some! Also it would cheer me up :)

I Got Back Up

Outward bound
A draw so strong
Balancing life
With strength of feeling
A tightrope
In the wind
A daredevils determination
And a steel gut
Will see across
Life awaits
While below
Despair beckons
Defiantly gasping
To gravity’s bond
An ode to the fallen

"I got back up"


What is it?
To attach such importance
To the things we own
When all around us
Real feelings
Flash past
Like a leaf on the wind
As we glare
Into our smartphones
And tap frantically
At our tablets

What is this world
If we don’t look up
What has become of us?
Are we slaves to
Without the physical
Materialistic and numb
The world goes on
Without us

The Really Magnetic Man

Some may say
That his attraction is physical
That you’re drawn to him
His charisma is captivating
But in reality
As he dodges a spoon
Flying from across the room
He is magnetic
And life is a struggle
For he has to be vigilant
He cannot be near
Or be in the vicinity
Of knives
For fear of becoming
A stunt on reality TV
Only without the TV
Really Magnetic Man
You are a danger to yourself
And the iron in the blood
Of those around you
So go hide
In a plastic box
Until it’s your time
To be useful
Getting a big metal thing
Out of the sea
Or something..

Poetry Riot Prompt (Week Ten)


The prompt for this week is:

the things we own.

Tag your work with poetryriotprompt. Good luck and have fun!