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Someone wants to make my first zombie story into a short film!!! I have to write the screenplay for it, but that shouldn’t take forever!

Oh my word.. This is big for me!


Dive into the darkness
Dice with mortality
Risk it all


You never know
When the end is


Into the shadows
Our home
Is the valley of death

Fear no evil?

We are the evil

I Can’t Believe

To my baby sneezingunicorn21

I can’t believe
The luck I’ve had
In a chance encounter
On cold winters night
Adorned swan livery
Tracks to the Cabin
Where I stole your hat
And you chased me
Little did I know
What was to come
Little did I know
What you would do to me
Lifting me out
Of my darkness
While still dealing
With your own
I only hope I’ve turned hand
To lift you from yours
You eased my pain
Shouldered my burdens
Made me feel
Like a part of a whole
Gave me love
And showed me how
I could give love back
So now all I want
Is to give it all to you
All my love
All my life
You’ve taken my life
And showed me
How to live it
I love you
For that
And for loving me too


Hey folks, I’ll try to get a post up tonight thanking everyone who has taken part in my latest prompt.

Unfortunately I’m currently unable to fulfil a weekly prompt, so while they will continue, they’ll be on an ‘as and when I can’ basis. I’m going to be concentrating my efforts on my writing projects that I currently have in the works, so I’ll be unable to check in as regularly as I could, give or take the odd poem or occasional prompt.

Thanks, I love you all



Rules: In a text post, list ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard—just the ones that have touched you. Tag ten friends, including me so I can see your list.

Also, everyone go follow mariacenzina who tagged me. She is a poetic…




Long ago, they say, the they who say everything
who have words for ever calamity of living,
people would taste ash on their tongue.
They would each ash, and it would be holy.

The colour of the dust cloud is ‘inside-lung’
according to the local report, I don’t even
know what that means. I know…



People like me,
Who feel just to
Merely feel,
We’re the strongest of them all.
Because when we’re happy,
We’re dancing on the moon,
Showing the world that
The sky is just an illusion.
And when we’re sad,
We drown ourselves deep
Within the ocean,
Speaking with the creatures about

Poetry Riot Prompt (Week Seven)


The prompt for this week is:

sheltered mouths

Tag your work with poetryriotprompt and post it to your blog. Good luck and have fun!

Nomads’ Tales - Land of Brimstone:


We stood on the edge of green and gray.
We foraged and hunted from the life abundant.
Then we traversed that place of ash and lava.
Oh how our feet burned as our knees toiled.
We avoided lave filled pits and kept madness at bay
as the smoldering undead kept us up at night.
Fear the Land of Brimstone;
in the forest you must stay.
There is no water to flood the spirit,
nor food to fuel the mind.



There is a land without a limit
That stretches past demise and heat
And floats away into the air. 
Isn’t revival rather sweet?
The concept of the land of fire
Allows the flame to kindle hope:
Hope birthed from insolence and ire
And scattered ashen on the street.