I'm a writer/poet/word-putter-togetherer from Liverpool, England. I post poems and reblog funny things. Hope you like it here :)


mermaidsbite asked
Finish this sentence: Red beard, ______ -from a ginger :)

Red beard, stop flailing, you’re getting spaghetti all over the dashboard!

Did I win?

Some pics of me and my friends, if anyone wondered what I looked like.. I’m the guy in the white shirt in some of them, and the guy in the wooden thing.. To this day I don’t know what the thing is for..


So I was thinking because of lydiateasedale’s post about her cutting, I haven’t in almost half a year. I almost relapsed last night, but I had help. So I’d like to give back. If anyone, ANYONE, needs someone to talk to, I’m right here. We can get through this.

callingupneptunesdaughter asked
Echo, electrical outlet, uhhhhh yellow kite!

3 in 1 bonanza! :D


I heard your voice
I heard it again
Reflecting from the walls
Bouncing around
Could be from anywhere
But you’re standing 
Right there
Smiling and laughing
At your acrobatic voice
All over the place
Dancing from corner
To corner
From ear to ear.

Electrical Outlet

Where would we be
Without that little square
With those little holes
That give life
To our world?
Though it pains
To touch
It breathes life
Into our gadgets
Flowing veins
Of sparks
And of life

Yellow Kite

Perfect windy day
For flying a kite
So out we go
Onto the park
Where others
Have also decided
To drift among
The birds
But none of theirs
Compare to our
Amazing yellow kite
It flies higher
And it’s much brighter
Than all the others
Mingling up high
Despite string tether
Amazingly free

bubblegum73 replied to your post “Prompt Whore Mikey”


Written in stone
But forgotten by all
Gathered dust
In long forgotten hall

Curious folk
In curious time
Dig up the earth
Searching for a sign

Once found
Panic set
A past fortold
Future already met

Anonymous asked
Hero being or becoming one

They say heroes are born
Out of circumstance
From a scared world
Scratching around
For someone to pin hope
So strongly this desire
Manifests in some
That they deify 
Chosen few
Or even a solitary soul
Pile pressure
Weigh in
With binding force
It’s not about
Capes and underpants
When the world burns
But about inner strength
And a will to fight
When all hope is lost
When all they have

Is you.

Prompt Whore Mikey

So the most popular of the prompts I was given were #1 and #4, and the picture one. 

I love doing prompts, so feel free to bombard me with them! I’ll get to them as soon as I can and you’ll be tagged like crazy (unless you’re anon or you don’t wanna be tagged of course!)

So, Prompt away!

To You.


If ever you felt any doubt
just know that I truly do appreciate
every heart, every reblog,
every comment or message.
It means the world to me
just knowing people like what I do,
that there are people out there
just like me.
It means everything
and I’ll never stop thanking you.